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As a mom of two college daughters, we live a very crazy, non-stop, always-eventful life … and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!  I missed a lot of those crazy, always-eventful times with my kids because I was a busy corporate gal for most of their childhood. But I took a smart pill and I left the corporate scene in 2010.

Best.  Decision.  Ever.


Immediately after leaving corporate America, I started my a virtual PR and Marketing agency and it's been a fantastic opportunity for multiple reasons.  When you spend almost thirty years with a company, there's a tendency to believe that you've reached your potential.  As soon as I went out on my own, I quickly realized that although I left corporate as a vice president of PR and communications, I hadn't even begun to blossom.  I now have the opportunity to work with amazing clients and every day continues to be an adventure.  

I've always loved to write and have even started a couple books ... I really need to find time to focus on those!  I actually started this website and blog a few years ago and a busy life has kept me from launching.  That all changed in mid-January.  


I have three friends who are all battling cancer, and recently learned that a fourth friend is going through this for the third time, but this time there isn't anything she can do about it.  Although I too have had two bouts of cancer, it took my friend's diagnosis for me to really step back and realize that I need to live life with no regrets, and not wonder "what if."  I am always so focused on doing things for everyone else, that it was time for me to do something for me.  I actually wrote a different blog many years ago when I first was diagnosed with breast cancer, and that was before blogs were blogs! The main purpose of that blog was to share information with my family and friends because I didn't want to have the same conversation over and over again.  It turned into much more because all of my posts were based on my own experiences and it really connected with complete strangers.  That's what I want from this website and blog, and because of my friends, I spent my weekend getting this baby ready to launch.

My family has a lot of fun in Texas and around the country, and even different parts of the world.  FreshLifeCoast2Coast will share stories, thoughts and ideas in hopes that you will be enlightened and maybe even get a chuckle.  And because of my connection to the restaurant industry, I'll be able to share first-hand information regarding news and happenings of your favorite dining and drinking hangouts.


If you have questions, suggestions for articles or would like to partner, please feel free to contact me.  

Thanks for checking out my page!