Belize is located on the east coast of Central America along the shorelines of the Caribbean Sea.  And while the sandy beaches and salt water are a big attraction for tourists, especially divers, more than a third of Belize is comprised of nature preserves and wildlife sanctuaries like Crooked Tree and Cockscomb Basin, as well as dense jungles that are home to Mayan ruins.


Offshore, the massive Belize Barrier Reef is home to plentiful and beautiful marine life.  Diving areas include Hol Chan where locals say you'll find sharks and stingrays, and the massive Great Blue Hole, a sinkhole once explored by Jacques Cousteau.  If you snorkel or scuba dive, you'll definitely want to bring an underwater camera with you.

When you're in port ...

According to Carnival Cruise Lines, here are the Top 7 things to do while in port: