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A One-Of-A-Kind Dining Experience

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

My first visit to The Grill House was a pleasant surprise. As you pull into the driveway of the 7,000 sq ft farmhouse you instantly realize that you are going to have a very different dining experience as you arrive at one of the finest restaurants in west Michigan. Years ago I visited a restaurant in Oahu where we grilled our own steaks, and that's exactly what you do at The Grill House. Don't cross this place off your list if you don't want to play chef for the night ... they'll cook it for you if you'd prefer and there is always a grill master to give you advice. I've got to tell you, choosing our specific cut of meat and then grilling it with all the fixings was not only fun, but we cooked some damn good steaks!

The Grill House selections include 6 different steak cuts, shrimp, tuna, chicken and kabobs. All entrees come with the house salad, potato, our signature baked beans, sauteed onions, and Texas toast. Don't be in a rush for this experience. There is only one grill room and for obvious reasons not everyone can grill their dinner at the same time.

The restaurant also offers a different option on their lower level -- The Rock -- that offers appetizers, sandwiches, basket meals, salads and house made desserts. When the weather is warm, they have a fabulous patio area featuring swinging picnic tables and festive outdoor lighting.

The Grill House, formally known as the Hubbard House, was built in 1836. Used as a company headquarters and boarding house for area lumberjacks, it was the very first local public lodging and watering hole for settlers. The Hubbard House was named after the man who built it, Samuel Hubbard. He was a Massachusetts Supreme Court justice who dabbled in real estate and land speculation. His Boston Company was granted 25,000 acres and eventually became The Allegan Company that developed the Village of Allegan. As legend has it, in 1847, when the building was being used to serve food and drinks to local sawmill workers, a lumberjack was killed in a barroom knife fight. His body was buried on the property in an unmarked grave. Although his remains have perished, his presence is still felt throughout the Grill House. Jack, the name given to our friendly resident, has shown himself on numerous occasions. He has all too frequently been known to move chairs and leave candles burning. Dimming the lights, changing radio stations, opening and closing doors, and rattling dishes are other parts of his repertoire. On rare occasions a single shot of whiskey, Jack’s drink of choice, will even be found sitting on The Rock bar, acting as a haunting reminder of our supernatural companion.

The Grill House is located 2 miles south of Allegan at 1071 Highway M-40. Service is casual and laidback. Reservations are definitely recommended.

I strongly recommend this place and look forward to going back and checking out the rest of the menu!

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