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A Unique, Inexpensive Gift Idea: Digital Drawing

If you aren't familiar with the latest drawing trend -- digital drawing -- check this out. Digital drawing is when a drawing is created using graphics software and instead of using a pencil and paper, digital artists draw with a tablet and a stylus. Sophie Smith (@SophieMakes) made a drawing for me and I've since ordered a few more as gifts. They make great graduation gifts, wedding or bridal shower gifts or even create something special for Mom's Day on May 10.

Even if you have a photo that isn't great quality, @SophieMakes can still use it to re-create a digital drawing.

For this drawing, I requested that @SophieMakes use the photograph as a base, but add USC, which is where Sam is going to play volleyball. Since graduation is a bit different this year, I also had it made into a canvas and gave it to her last night as a surprise. She loved it!

Here are some additional samples of her work....

To place an order or make an inquiry, email sophie@sophiemakes.com or DM @SophieMakes on Instagram. Check out www.sophiemakes.com for more information.

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