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Delivery, Curbside & Carryout: The Temporary New Norm for Restaurants

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

During this time of unprecedented events, restaurants have been forced to change their business models.  Some restaurants have had no option but to close, while others have moved to carryout, delivery and curbside pick up. Across the country hundreds of thousands of hourly restaurant employees from servers to cooks, as well as managers, have lost their jobs.  While we all hope these losses are temporary, the reality is that some restaurants won't be able to survive this crisis.

Let's support our restaurants by ordering a carryout or delivery meal, and if you have a couple extra bucks, leave a little extra in the tip line.  I'm constantly hearing local bloggers and even media that covers the restaurant industry talk about local restaurants versus chains.  Remember one thing -- even if a chain is listed in this roundup, please remember that the employees who work there are LOCAL and part of your LOCAL community. Now is the time to support everyone and make sure that we all have something to go back to when life resumes to the new normal.

If you're worried about being exposed to COVID-19 through carryout, the FDA has said there is no information to show that COVID-19 is transmitted through food.  You can take extra precautions such as choosing to have a no contact delivery, or better yet, when you get your food home put all of your food on a plate, throw away the to-go containers and wash your hands before eating.

Click here for a list of restaurants who are offering Delivery, Carryout or Curbside Pickup. Where possible, I've linked to the most comprehensive list for each market.

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